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How it works

From idea to fully packaged screenplay! The class allows writers to experience the complete screenwriting process in an intense 4 week training session. Meeting every Saturday to prepare for the each stage of the writing process, writers will have the support of a mentor and a group. Instruction and feedback will create both a safety net and reinforcement of work as it is completed.

PRICE: N50,000

Registration is mandatory as limited  spaces will be filled. So act quickly! 

If no spaces are available by time of registration you are encouraged to sign up for the next session. 

2017 Calendar

  • Session 2: 7th - 28th October - NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Script Archive

Register your script and gain access to hundreds of producers looking for a script and writers. Open to the Screenplay Masterclass Graduates only. 

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Why is this a "Masterclass"?

The instructor Abu Bello  is a multi award winner and is a working writer. He has a Masters degree in screenwriting and over 25 years experience,

Will I get work if I take this class?

This class will prepare you and give you all the tools to build a lasting career as a working screenwriter.

What if I can't afford it?

While the price of the class is extremely reasonable, we recognize there may be many interested in sponsorship. We recommend asking your place of business, school, church or social organisation. Feel free to forward our email for any questions.

What do I get with the class?

A world class education, a completed screenplay,  discounts on writers services, and industry access.

Where will classes take place?

All details will be provided in the registration letter but currently all classes will be on the mainland in Lagos, Nigeria.

What if I have more questions?

Please send any other questions to abu@abubello.com

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